Easiest Apple HomeKit Solution


Works with any cloud, even your own
Compatible across ecosystems
Write apps in the Java language

Future Proof

Failsafe app and OS updates
Add new IoT protocols post-launch
Apps run across IoT modules

No Service Fees

No cloud connection fees
Free development tools
Free OS upgrades


Simple Smartphone Development for IoT

App creation and deployment with professional tools.
Uses the popular Java language or Kotlin (the "Swift" of Java).
Focus on your added value, not the nuts and bolts of IoT deployment.


Mission critical quality at consumer cost.
Proven over the past five years.
Meticulously crafted for quality using the latest software techniques.


Coverage from manufacturing to in-field updates.
Supported in part by DARPA SBIR contract number D15PC00141.
Internet connection without cloud dependencies.
One of our core values: Security and moatTLS.