AirStash Solutions

AirStash is a complete platform for building IoT devices. Customers use AirStash products because our solution:

  • Makes the development of IoT devices fast and easy
  • Is lower cost up-front and lowers the ongoing cost of maintenance
  • Keeps the product future-proof in a rapidly changing IoT ecosystem
  • Does not lock into a single cloud or smartphone ecosystem

Problem: IoT product development has a high complexity

Today’s IoT requires a product team to build the equivalent of an entire smartphone to get started. Expertise is needed in many non-value-add areas: RF design, OS design, security, remote update, etc. Plus there is a burden to maintain the product over its lifetime (one must update as smartphone OS and cloud systems are updated). While some open source is updated periodically by others, using Linux or a free RTOS is still not free since the maintenance burden is on the product developer to integrate, test, and push the update.

Reduces Development Complexity

The AirStash IoT platform solves these issues by providing a complete software platform that is improved and maintained with all the required services including failsafe remote updates of the OS and app. This removes the burden of maintaining the platform from the developer which lowers cost and allows the developer to focus on value-added functions and services contained within the embedded app. Additionally, the AirStash OS enables lower cost hardware due to its high efficiency and provides a professional development environment that reduces the learning curve resulting in lower up-front costs.

End-to-End IoT Platform

The AirStash platform provides a solution for any product that requires internet connectivity. Here are a few examples: